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a derivative of the "Alabama jackhammer"; a standing "69" in which the woman is upside-down performing fellatio. Once the man senses the nearing of the orgasm he performs an Alabama jackhammer like maneuver in which he belly-flops (still in the 69 position) onto the bed/floor/table, etc., and slams his penis into the back of the woman's throat releasing a heap of semen into the bronchial tubes or esophagus of the woman
"The other day I was 69in'... but standin' up...and when I thought I was gonna cum I pulled a Birmingham belly-flop on my lady and she went "GAH!" and I went "nnnguuuuuuuuuh!!!"
by Dirty Cral Sully October 08, 2008

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Not the conventional "creampie"; generally occurring when a woman succombs to her sexual desires to fornicate with a clown. When the clown nears his orgasm he reveals an actual cream pie (previously hidden from view) and ejaculates on it. After the clown ejaculates on the cream pie he thrusts it into the woman's face, splattering whipped cream, semen, and graham cracker crust everywhere (bicycle horn may or may not be utilized to add insult to injury after the initial humiliation).

This sexual act is a variant form of "sploshing", a term which may be more familiar to the British, and the British alone (or perhaps the extremely obscure sexual groups present in the more rural regions of America, as well).

Although there is no definitive record of the first act of this nature, it can be inferred that this act was first performed during the great American circus era at the turn of the 19th century. Today, this sexual act may most-likely be seen in today's fetish pornography, or the more extreme humorous pornographic material which is prominent in todays 21st century adult entertainment.
Clown: I was boning the bearded lady last night and when I was about to cum, I told her I wanted to give her a creampie.

Midget Animal Handler: Really!? What did she say?

Clown: Oh, she obliged of course! So I pulled out of the vagina, grabbed a cream pie, came on it, and hit her in the face with the pie! All in one smooth motion.

Midget Animal Handler: Get outta here! How did she react!? What did she say?

Clown: She said 'What in the fuck was that!?', and I said "...a Big-top Creampie!" Then I honked my bicycle horn twice."
by Dirty Cral Sully February 02, 2010

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