1 definition by DirkusMaximus

Someone with less-than-stellar aptitude. A mixture of "rocket scientist" and "brain surgeon", this phrase describes a person that is neither. The subject also frequently has an overinflated sense of self worth, flaunting his acheivments and trying to insult other people's intelligence whenever he or she feels dumb.

The phrase also implies that the person is dumb enough to try cutting open a rocket, or perform some other action that would get them "Darwined".

The phrase is best used in the presence of said person, especially when you know it will take them several seconds to realize they've just been zinged. This is often heard amongst tech-support agents.
I just got off the phone with some Rocket Surgeon who was cussing me out because he couldn't figure out how to open the battery door on his camera, and kept telling me all about his MCSE and his PhD.
by DirkusMaximus May 10, 2007