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Dadaism is an artistic /satirical movement in modern art that started around the early 70s when the great Dada was born. Its purpose was to ridicule the meaninglessness of the modern world. These are sayings that are uttered by a Dada. At first glance a Dadaism makes absolutely no sense, the reader has to pore over hundreds of pages of research to make any sense out of it - these are pearls of wisdom that masquerade as a joke. One has to immerse him/herself in the Dada doctrine to be able to make any sense of a Dadaism.
John: Wow look at that Chick, she is a 10!
Paul : A warthog became a snail
John: WTF does that mean
Paul : Never mind, it is a Dadaism
by Director Sap May 29, 2019