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1 definition by Dinosaurs-eat-chicken-nuggets

More commenly known as CC he is the drummer in Black Veil Brides. Although no one ever seems to think he's a good guy he's actually one of the funniest guys in the band, also his accent tends to amuse english people.

He replaced Sandra Alvarenga for the second album, sometimes he gets bad mouth because he's done something or said something that offends someone, but he's really a good guy.
not-so-true fan; Oh my god! The drummer, whatshisname, just threw his drumstick at Ashley! The Bastard!

Real fan; It was an accident you idiot, and his name is get out of my sight.

Real fan1; Yeah I heard Sandra left, who replaced her again...

Real fan2; Christian Coma remember!

Fake-fan; Oh the one who looks like a pidgeon!

real fan 1&2; ...not funny.
by Dinosaurs-eat-chicken-nuggets December 1, 2011
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