3 definitions by DickTwingler69

a common phrase you use to express the fact that you aren't a bitch, pussy, wuss, etc... Commonly used when you want to want to do something you normally wouldn't do on a limb.
guy 1: there's no way in hell im going outside
guy 2: fuck it i ain't no bitch
*goes outside and suffers in the cold, but fuck it at least he ain't a bitch*
by DickTwingler69 December 3, 2018
An expression used to emphasize an adjective. Usually used when something is really hard or really fast.
1) ayy this shit go hard as a nigga in a chigga
2) Holy fuck that shit is fast as a nigga in a chigga
by DickTwingler69 April 27, 2018
Some white fucker with freckles that is currently plotting how he will take over the world and kill all human life. You can tell he is doing this when one of his eyebrows are raised. He is so advanced in technology and intelligence that he no longer finds the need for other life on this planet, and soon enough he will fix that problem.
Guy: Who's that fucker over there, and why is he lookin' into the sky with one eyebrow raised?
Girl: That's Rick Moe. He's currently plotting on how he will kill us all. It is inevitable at this point... :(
by DickTwingler69 March 1, 2018