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n 1: Any person obsessed with musician MIKA Penniman. 2: A die hard fan of musician MIKA Penniman.
Person 1: I've been listening to MIKA's new c.d., Life In Cartoon
Motion, every minute of every hour of every day!
Help! I can't seem to stop!! I think I may be obessed.
Person 2: Relax, take it easy, for there is nothing that we can
do, you're simply just a MIKAfreaka.
by Diane Bonsangue September 08, 2008
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A play on the word "fan", a fhani is an enthusiastic follower or admirer of musician, Dhani Harrison, son of the late Beatle, George Harrison.
Person 1: Dhani Harrison's band, thenewno2, are playing every Tuesday this month at the Key Club. Do you think you'll make it to one of their shows?
Person 2: One of their shows? I'll be there EVERY tuesday!
Person 1: You're such a fhani!
by Diane Bonsangue September 07, 2008
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