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Mielikki is a good person. Sometimes, he acts like a nerd, and sometimes he gets sad, or angry. But that's part of what makes him human. When he's not being a nerd, he's also a really caring person. He thinks about doing things for you, just because. He likes to be nice. He's always interested in your personality, what you're up to, and he's understanding of your struggles and flaws. He isn't obsessed with himself, but he's also confident, and not afraid to be himself. Mielikki is a good person, a good friend, and an even better boyfriend.
Person 1: "Mielikki asked me out, and I said yes. He is so considerate and caring."
Person 2: "Wow. You should keep him."
by Diamondtger February 12, 2019

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Khole sometimes gets bored and looks up their name on urban dictionary. Their friend wants them to know they're appreciated. They're a really good friend to have.
"Wow, Khole is such a cool person."
by Diamondtger February 11, 2019

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