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A multiplayer browser game that is in fact one of the most hilarious games on the internet. It makes fun of every internet sub culture and stereotype. While in other games you fight monsters in Forumwarz you fight forums usually by spamming the shit out them using class specific skills. Classes are as follows:

1. Re-re - The retard
2. Troll - The fucking wall
3. Emo kid - The berserk
4. Camwhore - The money eater

Basically Trolls have high defence but low attack, Emos get stronger the more they are hurt, camwhores have high attack and buffs but their equipment repair have godly costs.
Let's play some Forumwarz.
Forumwarz is awesome.
My family was killed by Forumwarz.
by DiabloClock August 26, 2008

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