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The epitome of quality for blunts. Made from any cigar with 14 layer tobacco leaf casing (such as Romeo y Julieta's). Prepared by unraveling the outer layers of the cigar, then slicing the other layers to remove the tobacco. The paper is then filled with the ground marijuana of the highest quality, and packed to fill the paper completely. The outer layer is then rolled back on, and the blunt is ready.
A true proper blunt burns slowly, usually lasting around 80 puffs, because of the high amount of marijuana used and the slow burning nature of the tobacco leaves.
For a standard 10 inch cigar, anywhere from a 7 to 14 grams of medical quality marijuana is used.
"Damn son, I was blazed out of my mind last night. Mason rolled a proper blunt and insisted we finish it off."
by Dey-hizzle March 03, 2008

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