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Have u ever jumped in cold water and experienced that shock that goes through your body once you hit the surface?Thats wat it feels like to meet Devon.To this day every time i see him, he takes my breath away.To be loved by Devon is the most beautiful feeling.To be hurt by Devon is enough to kill you.Courage, honor, and bravery are wat he's all about.Ther could never be a more wonderful man on the face of this earth and I'll love him until the day i die.Sometimes he hurts me and when he does it feels like life has ended.My world revolves around his love and his actions towards me.His words of anger send knives through my heart;his words of love send the butterflies in my stomach dancing for joy.I wish he could understand what he does to me.He's my hero and my enemy;he's my best friend and the one I fear the most. Devon is a powerful person but does he realize it?Does he kno that I look up to him when my life is falling apart?Does he know that I count on him to pick up the pieces when my fragile heart is broken?Devon is strong and loving but not always aware of his actions and the effects they have on others--especially me.To love Devon is to take on the ocean:you never know what will be thrown your way.Loving him is a mystery. Sometimes a mystery that scares me and sometimes a mystery that has me captivated.Despite Devon's faults,he is the most worth while person to know.No can measure up to him.He's my hero,my love,my superman.I love u Devon.And that's a fact.
Devon W.: the love of my life
by DevonsAngel January 24, 2010
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