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When an individual proceeds to change his or her status to a confusing statement or phrase that leaves the reader with questions of either the authors state of mind or motive.

This usually applies to Facebook, but could be applied to any social media network.
Steve: Dude, what is up with Bill?

Thaddeus: Nobody knows man. He's confusebooking again.

Example Status:

Bill: sometimes when you see a turtle inside of a balloon the type of sandwich available is located in the dryer. it is then that you must realize that kangaroos do not drive pixie sticks but instead turn lamps into a large man with a mustache. if this occurs within 5 feet of a small child a bell will sound, alerting all ninjas named by an orchestra to form a step team in their respective neighborhoods.
by DeviousWaffles February 04, 2010
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The act of punching someone in the forehead while wearing a ring with a lightning bolt emblem. Usually used to subdue out of control individuals who look like harry potter or are fans of the series.
Dude Steve is being obnoxious about watching Harry Potter 7.

Yeah, if he doesn't shut up I'm going to potter punch him.
by DeviousWaffles September 24, 2010
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