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The hotel call bell employed by Anthony of the Opie and Anthony show on XM Satellite Radio channel 202. When an overly racist or lewd comment is uttered, one of Anthony's many jobs is to ring the bell, thereby signifying that at least in one of the host's minds, a line has been crossed.
Opie: "Freaknik is like spring break for black people."
Jimmy: "Except they don't have to worry about going back to that pesky college."
Anthony: *ding* *ding* *ding* (ringing of inappropriate bell, laughter ensues)
by DevilMike September 05, 2005
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The point at which sleeps eludes a person and they decide to stay up all night via some caffeinated means.
Steve, at 11pm: "I have to be up to make a flight in five hours."
Mike: "Anything inside of six hours, I say screw it and put on a pot of coffee."
Steve: "I get 5-7 hours of sleep a night, so my screw it window is 4 hours."
by DevilMike November 25, 2008
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