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A) It origionated in the south west Indies of North America dated back to about a month or so ago by a certain species Tony-ious-erectus using hyroglyphics to depict the name of the beloved Candice.

B) The act of diceing a can of soup
Tony scribbles on the back of a paper plate while Amber Jordan is speaking and puts it in the middle of the table depicting a can of soup and some game dice.
Candice: "What? Soup ... DICE?!"
Tobi stares into space wondering what the significance of a can of soup and dice is while not paying attention to the rest of the convorsation
Derrick: "No, it says Candice ... see, can, dice."
Candice: "Oh!"

Tobi grabs the plate to draw picto-grams of candice ... then she notices thats what Tony just did.
The whole church quiets down and looks in the general direction of Tobi while tobi is probly spilling Chai Lee Tate in her lap.
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A)Often used by delinquents to emphasise feeling towards somthing.

Synonym - dude

B) often used to replace similar words that doesn't necessarily have a paralell meaning.
A) WOOT! That was friggin' awsome!
B) Woot the hell are you talking about?
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