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The weight grouping choice favored by fat girls at online dating sites. If she chooses "a few extra pounds", bring a harpoon and/or tranq rifle. Same with "ghetto booty".

Holy hell. U.D. has been up this long and nobody submitted a definition for "average"?
Levi: WTF? There's no pics on this chick's profile.
Nate: What's her weight entry say?
Levi: Average. Profile says she's "curvy".
Nate: Means she's average in American terms, not French. Her curves are rolls.
Feminist from the woodwork: It's what's inside that counts!
Fat Goth Girl: Fat girls need love too!
Nate: *shotgun fires four times, once each and then once each to make sure* Not from me; and a tranny once told me the same thing about the inside.
Levi: You only get what you give. Get back in your badgerhole, ya bitch.
by Derek Peavey May 29, 2006
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