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1. A term used to refer to homosexuals, often as a slur.

2. A bundle of sticks

3. The Bottom in a BD/SM relationship

Coined in the victorian era, this term comes from the practice in British Public Schools of making the students do menial tasks such as gathering the sticks to make Faggots, which were used instead of logs. These menial tasks became known as "Faggot-work", and it was the lowest of the low socially that typically were made to do these tasks. These boys were often physically weak as well, and were left open to sexual advances from other boys or teachers with little or recourse to refuse
1. That Elton John is such a faggot!
by DemonNick February 28, 2005

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To sleep later than usual, either by accident or deliberately due to the weekend or another event that alters scheduling.

Also, a killer song by The Postal Service
I don't have school tomorrow, I'm thinking of sleeping in.
by DemonNick February 17, 2005

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