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An mp3 release that is compiled from different rips or sources. This was common during the Napster era of file sharing, where you had to download songs individually.

For example, you download tracks 1-5 from one site, then got disconnected, so you got tracks 6-14 somewhere else. You end up with an album that most likely has inconsistent bitrates and encoding techniques, and could even be from different releases of the album (remasters, etc).
I had an OCD attack when I found out that the rarest mp3s in my collection were mutt rips.
by Demogorgo July 23, 2008
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When you're in a fight, and your coach wants you to take it to the center of the ring.

Coined by Forrest Griffin on The Ultimate Fighter 7, where the ring had a huge Burger King decal on the center. Forrest blurted out "Get in the center! BURGER KING THAT SHIT!!!" while one of his students was fighting.
Get in the center! BURGER KING THAT SHIT!!!
by Demogorgo May 25, 2009
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A wannabe hacker. Almost synonymous with "script kiddie".
i put up a honeypot to attract hackabees, so i can rat them out to the feds
by Demogorgo July 23, 2008
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