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an Indian mafia gang banger that lives next door and looks for trouble, he is often a very short trying to act big. If you hear gunshots on rose street, don't worry he claims that they are fireworks that are being set off. The stool he uses to act tall has his name on it, anyone who steals it will get a big fat slap on the face. He supports france or psg and acts like he knows every player and he also thinks that mbappe is still on the team.
HOLY WHY ARE THERE FIREWORKS IN THIS ALLEY WAY AYO WTF, why is there a small piece of shit standing on a stool rofl, that guy is definitley a Raizal
by Def.not.moods :D November 25, 2022
A palestinian, kuwaiti, bahraini, afghani, morrocan, lebani, algerian, iraqi, turki, qatari, saudi, syrian, tunisian, yemeni or emirati. That likes to get a boner when he beats someone in arabic class and sits next to the smartest person in the class with an IQ above 6473829. He normally tries to convinve you that he isn't an arab but ultimatley fails, and then you know the true reason to why he can speak arabic so well. It is a also a fact that when he breaks a bone he will act tough to show that it was just a scratch, but on the inisde is suffering from the physical trauma and emotional pain he had from the injury and from his life.
DAMMMNNN! that guy is actin' tough, he is definitley a Muhammad
by Def.not.moods :D November 22, 2022