3 definitions by Deeeeee

a particularly loud gathering of people, or an unusually loud group.
Man it was so loud in that bAr it sounded like a jew picnic in there...
by Deeeeee December 3, 2007
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a liquid - like, uncontrollable explosive bowel movement, usually unexpected.
I walked into the bathroom and there was shit everywhere, looks like someone had some kind of a foul up in there!
by Deeeeee November 28, 2007
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"Summer Butt" is the misty, wet condition of your butt when you have been working outside or in the heat of summer. It is similar to "Swamp Ass" or "Monkey Butt".
Man it's hot out here, and I have developed a serious case of "Summer Butt".
by Deeeeee November 28, 2007
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