2 definitions by Dee Sherman

When something is so delicious, dope, amazing, or addictive that it has the ability to explode your one of your sences
ME: Mom did you get stoned again before cooking dinner again?
MOM: why is that any of your business
ME:Cause if you did I know dinner is going to be bomb af tonight. My taste buds are going to be litty spagetti tonight
by Dee Sherman September 24, 2018
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Where you have almost a nug of weed but not quite a hole nug of weed. You have done weed but not enough to know your going to get completely tatered stoned
Dad: "do you have any weed"
Daughter " oh I have a nuggish or so"
Dad "whats a nuggish"
Daughter: "oh not quite a nug but almost a full nug"
by Dee Sherman June 7, 2017
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