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a list of people who are hated so much that the person who owns the list wants to kill them. usually the list is short but some lists can incorperate THE WHOLE WORLD
#1 my brother
#2 _________(person i hate)
#3 _________(person i hate)
#7,000,000,000 (or some big # like that) the last person on my list:@
by DeMoNz ArE EvErYwHeRe December 02, 2003

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A female felix a girl who flirts by poking.
person 1: "why is that girl poking that guy?"
person 2: "she likes him i guess."
person 1: "oh, she must be a felixes"
by DeMoNz ArE eVeRyWhErE December 15, 2003

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