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The verb: to pyow is the action of inflicting damage upon a virtual being. This is common in computer role-play games involving combat.


How the word is used:

Stem of the verb - pyow
Past tense - to have pyow'd
Present tense - to pyow/to be pyowing
Future tense - to be about to pyow/to be going to pyow


1. Pyow pyow!
2. I just pyow'd (that/a werewolf).
3. Watch me pyow (this werewolf)!
4. I'm pyowing (this/a werewolf).
5. I'm about to pyow (this/a werewolf).
6. I am going to pyow (this/a werewolf).
by Dchuk March 16, 2008
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A Canadian term to describe when a person capitalizes on the incompetence of their friend who has been making advances towards someone but is too incompetent to realize that their target wants to fuck.
Last night Sean was talking to a woman, he walked away after she was looking to leave so I Morrisoned her away.
by Dchuk May 29, 2013
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