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1. Asian-american. Asia's best and brightest tend to immigrate to better countries so accordingly overachieve.
2. Not the model majority which can be seen by looking at the state of the country the model minority come from.
The model minority makes the average american look stupid, but so they should considering their background.
by Dawei756 February 18, 2008
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1. People native to China
2. Chinese-Americans/ Canadian/ Australian/ English in the english speaking world. China's best and brightest who moved the hell out of China and hold on to the model minority myth as though it should apply to people back in China. They also like to believe that their over achieving minority deserves a spupremacist philosophy.
3. People who can't get into space and are a minority(but over represented by national poulation) in the world's best universities.
4. People who say "HELLO" to every waiguoren(foreigner) assuming they are American. Chinese-Americans also complain these same assumptions about white people and the asian race.
5. Love Abercrombie and Fitch (33% of the consumers) and complain there is no asian american models for this company.

1.Wow the chinese from Shanghai, HK and Singapore are migrating to Australia, America, Canada, England and New Zealand. I guess they loved what the british gave them and want to move in the model majority.
2.Fuck there is heaps of chinese here. Why did America open up relations, why didn't the west just make english the official language like they did in India.
by Dawei756 February 18, 2008
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