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You may have seen this link on comments on Youtube. It's often people who spams it on videos and tries to make people go to their (or a) site by saying for example; "Win an iPad bla bla... just go to bit.ly/1u8...".

Bit.ly is not a site, it's just a shorter version of the original URL from a real site. You can create one yourself at Bitly.com. So if you've thought this is a virus site, it's not. But it can be so watch out for these links on youtube comments.
Youtube comment: Win 10 000 dollars by clicking on this link and do some surveys by clicking here ==> bit.ly/V1rUs
Me and many others: Screw that shit!
by Davidogg October 6, 2013
Someone who probably misspelled the word/name Ford because sometimes o is so damn close to p!
Dude 1: hey you saw dat styled fprd??
Dude 2: What?
by Davidogg April 2, 2013
How really {girly american girls say omg or oh my god/gosh. Add O's in the beginning to make it even more girly, and combine with even more O's in the word "so" to maximise the whole meaning of it.
Ashley: Oooomigosh, did you see Josh in class earlier today?
Brittney: Omigosh yes! He was soooooooooooo hot!
by Davidogg April 13, 2019