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Named because they will accept anyone in the community. Other than online only schools like University of Phoenix or Walden University, they are probably the worst of all college education.

A community college is where you go when you think you need to go to college, but don't really want to. The rest of people think that they are going to transfer to a better school, but will just end up dropping in a couple of semesters.
The percentage of people who actually graduate from community college is only slightly higher than people who make a successful career out of being a waiter.
by Davidist June 16, 2009

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Usually the bottom rung of education and ranges from As Seen on TV correspondence classes to modern day degree mills like Walden University or the University of Phoenix. They are all happy to take your money with the full understanding that you will never actually get a worthwhile degree , diploma or certificate for your money.
I signed up for the Walden University distance learning PhD in Public Policy only to find out that no reputable government organization takes it seriously. What a waste of $4,500.
by Davidist June 18, 2009

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