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Getting absolutely dumpy see dumpy on only a miniaml amount of alcohol, usually only one to two beers. The snackpack at the party will be open game to jest and will be an open receptacle of deuces.

Julie took a shot of wine spritzer and got totally snack packed.

Price smelled alcohol and passed out. Price is a snack pack.

Kelly got snackpacked and Hamtpon and David took advantage of her being a deuce receptacle and took a double deuce in her single mouth.
by David and Hampton April 20, 2006

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When a friend becomes completely dumpy see dumpy and their anus is cruised into by a friend with a cooking pan's handle. If the friend does not wake up it is completely acceptable for the friend to insert multiple frying pans.
Lauren got completely snackpacked and Kelly made sure she took a panhandle cruise.

The dog fell asleep and we took mom's new frying pan for a panhandle cruise.

My girlfriend got angry when I took her for a panhandle cruise from behind.
by David and Hampton April 20, 2006

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The act of becoming inebriated to the point of breaking the seal see breaking the seal all over friends and family. Though, not restricted to urinating, in many cases it has happened. The term may be used in a very versatile sense in ways such as "Let's get dumpy," "That girl wasn't pretty, she looked dumpy," "Sup bitch? Gettin dumpy?" In many cases one must be a member of the "dumpy clan" to get truly dumpy.
Lauren got dumpy and passed out on her dog. Hampton and David, who were slightly less dumpy on account of their not being snackpacks see snackpack took a double deuce in her mouth.
by David and Hampton April 20, 2006

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