3 definitions by Daver334

when the turbocharged car your driving or riding in comes onto boost and then goes about rearranging your internal organs.
"I just took a ride in that guys single turbo supra and damn, it crushed my ass into a singularity."

"Turbo rush cuz."
by Daver334 November 9, 2006
insignificant mild inconveiniance.
"man, i just crashed my porsche 911 into a tree swerving to miss those migdets...."

"that sucks!"

"eh, aint nothing but a chicken wing on a string"

"your taking this well"

"no, im dead inside...."
by Daver334 November 4, 2006
I'm no idiot, 200mph is fuckn fast. Most modern supercars can go over 200mph. Some way over (the bugatti veyron hits a top speed of 257mph, thats over 400kmph!) 200mph is usually considered the top speed milestone of any performance oriented car.
"Damn son, did you see that Nismo R34 hit 200mph?"

"I'll holla!" :P
by Daver334 November 9, 2006