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Ancient Durkean. A mythical creature that bears similarities to both a plant and a canine animal. (Specifically a wolf or a hunting-dog.) Considered by some cultural anthropologists to have been the god of rain and fertility.
The Dorg is seen as a mythical creature and possibly a diety of the Durkeans.
by Daveed Halford February 08, 2005

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Element found by Spencer Odom (PhD, Mineral Geology) in the North Tuolumne river. The element was later denied admission into the periodic table, as the sample turned out to be nothing more than Barium.
Chuntsungium was the greatest discovery since piltdown man.
by Daveed Halford February 10, 2005

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Ancient Durkean: Loosely translates to "A Blockage in a cat's Anus!" with an emphasis on the exclaimation point. Generally considered to have been a phrase used under duress.
"Stumjut! My car just threw a rod!"
"That guy's a filthy stumjut."
by Daveed Halford January 20, 2005

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Ancient Durkean; a supernatural beast, specifically a demon feared almost universally by the Durkeans. Cultural anthropologists investigating the role of the Higgagee in the durkean creation mythology claim that it was first seen by the First Chief, Dyodom, in the Elsa wilderness, specifically in the region referred to as having some connection with a california based tribe of Winnebago.
The Durkean creation story also tells of the Higgagee's ability to manifest itself into a corporeal form that is inpentirably black, and seems as if it were a "hole in reality" to quote Doctor Earl Wynn.
The Higgagee was seen by Dyodom, in the Elsa Wilderness.
by Daveed Halford February 08, 2005

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Ancient Durkean; the miptrine is a triangular nipple ring worn by people of great power within separate clans or bands. It is seen as a sign of divinity, and for someone who does not deserve to wear it, doing so would be considered taboo.
The Jackal chief wore a Miptrine, as did the Thrush chief.
by Daveed Halford February 08, 2005

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