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A deliciously Jewish Unicorn. Usually wearing a yamacha on it's one horn, and prancing throughout the plains. When threatened, it will defend it's self using a glistening menorah. It's call can be heard everywhere as "Oy!, I am feeling very veklempt!"
Dave Kelly: Dude, did you just hear that? I think it's a Jewnicorn!

Echo: veklempt,klempt, klempt...where are my good socks?

Jim: uh..that kinda weirds me out...let's go

Dave: NO!, WE MUST OFFER IT LATKAS! It could become hostile, or become riddled with extreme angst and hebrew wizardry!

Jim: uhh..yeah..you do that...I'ma go watch full house...those things are freaking..odd...man...*walks away while watching trees sternly*

by Dave-Rave June 12, 2006
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