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ww is the keys for gg sound in korean.

koreanSC2: ww
<koreanSC2 has left the game>
by darvon December 06, 2011

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A method of self-spotting while bench pressing. The bar is allowed to fall to your chest, at which point you roll it down your torso until low enough that you can sit up.
I tried pushing max reps on my work set and ended up doing the roll of shame.
by Darvon December 18, 2011

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Primarily Australian: Usually used in an annoyed or confrontational manner, meaning both shut up and/or mind your own business.
I've heard just about enough out of you mate, you'd best pull your head in.
by Darvon July 31, 2011

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In Australia when a car is pulled over by the police for being unroadworthy a defect notice is given and a large yellow sign (canary) is stuck to the front windscreen.

Being given a defect notice is thus referred to as 'being canaried'.
I got canaried on the way home because my car is a mobile disaster area. The cop was a total babe though so it wasn't all bad.
by Darvon May 08, 2011

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