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A person who turns up their music so loud you can hear the bass outside of the area it is being played, especially in your own apartment/house/car.
"Man, I got no sleep last night."
"The basstard who lives above me was at it all night with that obnoxious techno music."
"The basstard's still alive?"
"Then whose coffee did I poison...?"
by Darren C March 06, 2006

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One that shares the unique sexual preference of Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz, i.e., one that enjoys kissing of varying degrees of passion with members of the same sex, but won't actually sleep with them. Often gets off more on the nonconformity of the act than their actual partner.

In layman's terms, first base is the end of the line.
"Dude, your roommate hasn't called me back since we kissed. What's going on?"
"His ├╝ber-Catholic parents from the Bible Belt were visiting that weekend. You probably won't get a call until he gets another opportunity to piss them off."
"Aw, man, I had no idea he was a wentzsexual..."
by Darren C October 16, 2007

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Any event where you get drunk. I don't mean just drunk. I mean DRUNK. When your common sense and your BAC play a game of chicken, and the common sense loses-drunk.

Also can be used to refer to a party, concert, night or any event where this activity takes place en masse.
Get Todd some aspirin. He committed a pretty hefty brain cell genocide last night.

Tanya's wedding ceremony was beautiful, but the reception was a brain cell genocide. Like, we're talkin' Rwanda-bad. Gray matter holocaust.
by Darren C March 26, 2008

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The act of urinating, not due to a biological need or urge, but as a precaution before entering a situation in which excusing one's self to the facilities would be either inconvenient, detrimental, or a social faux pas.
Steve: "Hey, how'd the job interview go?"
Juan: "Their bathrooms were locked, so I couldn't take a safety piss beforehand. Really kinda threw off my mojo."

Donny: "Hey man, save my seat."
James: "Where are you going?"
Donny: "Taking a safety piss; this movie's three hours long!"

Craig: "I really wish I'd taken a safety piss."
Minister: "And do you, Craig, take Tina to be your lawfully wedded wife..."
by Darren C August 31, 2010

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A social offense that can be called out when one is being falsely spoken for.
"God, we got so plastered last night."
"The royal we. I had a vodka tonic and called it quits. You got so shitfaced you puked on my jacket and then attempted to fornicate with it."
"Good times. We have fun."
"Go fuck a blender."
by Darren C December 08, 2007

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