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The alter ego of Ryan who first appeared in the fic "The DDRist Kingdom".
He is also the weilder of the 2nd keysaber.

While not evil like most dark sides, he is rather perverted to an extent and can be incredibly ecchi; despite this, he still can act like a complete gentleman and is also a skilled fighter.
"Oni!" Dark shouts as he runs around pointlessly. (From one of Dark's personal moments.)

*A CCS H manga falls from Dark's jacket* "How'd that get there? Look over there!" *yoink and dashes off* -Dark in his interview from 'Behind the Dance'
by Darkness Shade January 25, 2004

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The main enemy in the fanfic DDR HEARTS, Ansemian was once just a normal girl who just loved playing DDR, but her lust for fame led her deep into the darkness, where she discovered the Heartless.
"They don't realize that I must be the best." - Ansemian

One peice of equipment caught my eye...what appeared to be the ruins of..a DDR machine???
The pad was cracked and beaten, the trick bar was broken in half and the screen had a large crack right down the middle.
"What the hell?" I said, "This is getting weird."
At once it sparked to life, startling me.
"Who did that?" I said, grabbing my Keysaber and looking around.
Silence....all I heard was silence, other than the machine.
It's bright screen illuminating the otherwise dull building.
"Why has this started up? What purpose?" I said, watching the screen.
I saw the ranking screen....all five for the hardest one was all one nickname: ANSE. - Ryan
by Darkness Shade December 20, 2003

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A modified version of the Keyblade seen in the fanfic DDR HEARTS (by Darkness Shade). The weilder of it is Ryan, an unofficial jedi, whose saber was combined with the keyblade just before he was transported to Traverse Town.
"Well, what you have is the Keyblade, but it combined with your saber and became the Keysaber. It is the one thing that can stop the Heartless." - Leon

At that moment my saber, changed. It became the shape of one of those old style key's with the top
part the handle and the rest the light beam. "Wow, that's new." - Ryan
by Darkness Shade December 19, 2003

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A race of beings that first appeared in Kingdom Hearts. Ansem was apparently one before he overtoke Riku's body. An unknown is not hard to spot, as they always wear a black, hooded rain coat and never show their faces unless forced to. Due to how they may be merely shells, they have also been known to be called NEO's or Non-Existent One's...
"Ansem?" - Goofy to Unknown
"That name sounds familiar..." -Unknown to Goofy
by Darkness Shade December 20, 2003

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