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Andres is a man whore and will fein off of your shit, and will lick in between your toes. He also likes to cuddle and skin your dogs. So when you see Andres you should run the other way. Andres is also in love with Black Bread the Pirates.
Andres is so scary! He bit my toe nails off while I was sleeping.
by Dare January 7, 2022
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1. The Greatest Horror Game In Recent Video Game History (Resident Evil 4)

2. Internet Slang for "Reefer"..
1. Man I just capped the Chainsaw dude in RE4

2. Dood I just capped this RE4.. go give it a hit
by Dare January 13, 2005
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1. someone who is a severe...fool and doesnt know it
2. jamie barfield
dare was talking who is a foolio and jamie;s name came up
by Dare March 27, 2004
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