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A girl who is very stupid. Usally from the upper middle class, or first class. A girl whose dad gets her everything. OH ya! also is very unintelligant, and stupid. Everyone loves the girl, she is the most popular girl in the school. Yet what no one notices is, she is actually very smart on the inside, for if she wasn't she wouldn't be able to manage the whole school. AnDD the girl usally has a ginaromous mansion, shops from Juicy Coture every other day. Usually love hell more than Heaven.
Danny: Yo dawg see da girl over there?
Tom: U mean emily? The dumb blonde?
Danny: ya... her dad owns the Northshore International Enterrpieses
Tom: wtf is that?

Danny: The own Home Depot and Apple
Tom: so?
Danny: She can see inside any of our houses cuz her daddy planted cameras inside of all the towns appliances, bought from home depot.
Tom: But shes stupid
Danny: Not as stupid as may think... She has watched u...do naughty things....
by DannyykOgan October 27, 2011
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