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An underground, subsurface and overground series of railway lines which have been in existence since the 19th century. Its a common myth that the London Underground's purpose is to link different areas of London together. It's true purpose is to form a massive competition area for the contest 'Worlds most rudest person, EVER'. The competition, first devised by Victorian engineers to seek new highs in global twatbaggery, also seeks to answer the age old question - how many tired people can you fit in a small space at 7am in the morning before the onset of mental breakdown resulting in mass murder. The engineers including Isambard Kingdom Brunel theorised that one day the population of the earth would exceed the amount of available landmass, and therefore a plan of effective space travel would be needed to begin a new colonisation on a distant planet, such as Slough, Reading or Basingstoke and how many buses or train carriages the mass exodus would require so a horrendously overpriced and ridiculously complex ticketing system could be devised.
I love getting on the London Underground, further generations will thank me for being driven closer to poverty by a smelly run down railway network lacking investment.
by Daniel.Crag October 23, 2012
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When a man viciously doesn't let his girlfriend out of his sight, for fear of rival men stealing her away.
Is Dave coming out tonight?

No, he's at Kelly's worksite, man marking her like a pro.
by Daniel.Crag August 1, 2014
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A big fat juicy line of cocaine.
We did gentlemans lines all night and spent over a thousand dollars on whores
by Daniel.Crag October 6, 2017
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