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A socialist is someone who stands for free health care, education and overall better social health and quality of life. This does not involve an unrealistic 'take from the rich, give to the poor' notion, but alternative fiscal and monetary policies to ensure a healthy nation, not just a healthy economy.

Not to be confused with communism, which offers little incentives for people to work.
Julia: Our public hospitals are over crowded, under funded and under staffed.
Bob: If poor people get sick it's their own damned fault. Gimme more high end tax cuts!

Ben: Socialists are just hippie communists!
Bill: *smack*
by Dani3lla May 09, 2006

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A friendlier term for bitch, much like "biznatch", "bizatch" & "biatch".

Longhand of "biz'natch".

A female bitch.

A bitchy whore; someone who's rude, arrogant and desperate.
Julia: Heya bizsnatch! ^-^
Paula: Hey bitch, what's up?

Bill: Damn. That chick's a bizsnatch.
Bob: But you'd hit it anyway, wouldn't you.
Bill: Yes, because I'm a drunken sleaze.
by Dani3lla September 06, 2006

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