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A man. A veteran. A legacy.

In a short.. 3 days, is it? His video was viewed by millions, by the title of "AC Transit Bus Fight. I am a MOTHERFUCKER". He is one the most honorable warriors of his time, falcon punching his opponents, in this case, young Tyrone, who decides to pick on an old man. The moral of the video is not that black people, like Tyrone, are ignorant, it is that you should respect your elders, or they will turn into Epic Beard Man and Show You His Moves. And punch you in the face. For 12 consecutive seconds, and leaving a little mark. Also see AMBER LAMPS if it exists yet.
Senior Balls - "did you see epic beard man that one night?"


Senior Balls - "oh. You suck. Tyrone owns"

by Danago February 19, 2010
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