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A military term used by Robert A. Heinlein in his first-rate novel Starship Troopers, it is synonymous with the more commonly used phrases of on the ball and on your toes. In other terms, it means being in a state of readiness and awareness, and usually involves thinking one step ahead.
Sarge was really cracking down this week, so our squad had to be on the bounce 24/7.

My nephew's chess skills have dramatically improved, so whenever I play him I have to be on the bounce if I really want to win.
by Dan in Real Life March 10, 2008
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1. To be incapable of functioning like a normal human being, either due to a lack of sleep or exorbitant consumption of alcohol.

2. To cause one to be weary or dramatically reduce one's physical and mental reaction times.

3. To be bitten, and therefore transformed into a zombie.
1. Man, I'm totally zombied after that party last night.

2. Staying up until five in the morning every day really zombied Laura.

3. Oh no! They just zombied Steve! Run for your lives!
by Dan in Real Life March 10, 2008
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