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Definition 1 above is very well done. Hopkins is a great academic facility both undergraduate and graduate. However, The females that attended this prestigious academic facility are hideous with the exception of very few, which can be counted using a rudimentary abacus. Although Bonobo monkeys will be offended by the comparison made above, it is the definite truth. Whereas definition definition 1 is completely true, definition 2 is a bold faced lie. It was clearly written to make girls at JHU feel better about themselves. Clearly, they are the only ones that gave it a thumbs up. If you are looking for a truly hot girl at Hopkins you are an idiot.
Conversation between two male Johns Hopkins University students

Person A: Are there any good parties tonight?
Person B: There's a party but girls from other schools aren't coming.
Person A: What movie are we watching tonight?
by Dan the real Man October 26, 2005

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