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We were riding the bus in brazil, and she gave the best look in her face...the look of "I want to suck you dick right here, right now"... I could look in her eyes and see her desire, her eagerness to suck my cock right there and then.We proceed to the back of bus, and she starts to kiss me, and grab my dick... I could feel my balls and prostate trembling... wow the antecipation sure adds to "finale"She starts to whisper softly in my ears..." My pussy is so wet, I want to suck your cock, please put it in my mouth, I want you to cum all over my face"...She licked bit my nipples.slowly making her way down to paradise land.I am as hard as a rock...my balls started to tighten up as she sticks my hard cock farther down her wet mouth. she then spits on head and rubs it all over my hard cock.. she started to lick the head, and move her hand around my dick in a clockwise motion...I was going crazy, my balls were hard as she pressed up agaisnt my ever hard PROSTATE. The fact that we couldĀ“ve have been caught by surprise, added to the moment.Finally, my hard cock begin to pulse, and I could feel the cum going all over her mouth and throat, and she stroked it perfectly... I cummed like a fucking horse, all over her mouth... and she spontaneously swallowed every drop of my HOT CUM!!! Wow...that was the best blow job I ever had. She made sure to clean and lick every drop of cum from my dick.
She has the most beautiful mouth, wet tongue and thick lips, making it perfect to lick my hard cock. on this particular day I got 4 blow jobs from her. I am a lucky man as she is addicted to sucking and swallowing every drop of my cum.
by Da horse December 23, 2010

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