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1)G-Unit stands for Guerilla Unit.
It's Members:
50 Cent - Leader
Tony Yayo - Member
Lloyd Banks - member
Young Buck - Member
Game - Member
G-Unit also has an official DJ, DJ Whoo Kid.
G-Unit raps about drugs, sex, and helping indangered monkeys in the rain forest.

2)G-Unit is also used to break strange silent moments.
1)Yo! Fifty and da G-Unit are comin! Duck nigga!

2)Billy: "....well...."
Jill: "ummm....."
Hank: "GGGG- G-UNIT!"
by Da King June 27, 2004
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The Future Of The Rap Game. He Is heir To The Thrown. He Might Even Be Remembered Like 2pac and The Biggie
Billy: That New Lloyd Banks Joint Is Hott!

Jimmy: What Chu expect! It's Banks!
by Da King June 27, 2004
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What you call a pimpastic savage lil Cuhz loced out. half Mack daddy have vicious.. hence mackalicious
Jasons' hella Mackalicious
by DA KING March 24, 2003
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