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The term used to describe a way of positioning your vehicle's windows so that they are 3/4 of the way rolled up. If the vehicle has rear windows, those windows should line up exactly with the front. This also accentuates the lines of the car and creates a smooth look while rollin through the hood. It is not uncommon to see this on a beater that has a purple flake paint job and twinkies but hasn't bothered to fix his A/C.
Gangsta 1 : Dat ride is hot, yo!
Gangsta 2 : Yeahh, and he's rollin in 3/4 stealth mode!
Gangsta 1 : Hot to death!
Gangsta 2 : I'd do that in my Dodge Neon, but my rear windows have cranks...
Gangsta 1 : You a fag dog!
by Da Internet Gangsta April 12, 2006

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Refers to parking at a gas station pump with no intent to purchase gas. The pumps are easily accessible, and many times offer a island that protects the driver and it's occupants from the elements. Its name is derived from the godlike position of the parking spot, well, and born, meaning that it should have been born there. This frustrates gas station owners as they will be concerned that you are going to drive off without paying for your gas. This maneuver will attract special attention for sure.
Man, it's raining and I ain't got no umbrella; I'm gonna pull a wellborn.

Dog, they ain't got no parking spots anywhere! I'm gonna go wellborn on pump three.
by Da Internet Gangsta April 13, 2006

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Translated literally this means, expose your testes. Figuratively, it means to show your true colors. This phrase can be used in discussion with those who do not demonstrate integrity; people that are fake and frontin. Used in a call out of someone.
Ricer 1: Your Honda Civic can't touch my Acura Integra.
Ricer 2: Cmon dog, I got VTEC.
Ricer 1: You idiot, so do I! $50 says I smoke you!
Ricer 2: Nah, man. I got to head out before my mom gets pissed.
Ricer 1: Let em hang dog! Let em hang!
Ricer 2: Whatever.
Ricer 1: You're such a homo.
by Da Internet Gangsta June 09, 2006

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