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For the meaning of the word "vollue", buy a copy of Squornshellous Swamptalk at any remaindered bookshop, or alternatively buy The Ultra-Complete Maximegalon Dictionary, as the University will be very glad to get it off their hands and regain some valuable parking lots.
"I sense a deep dejection in your diodes," the mattress vollued, "and it saddens me. You should be more mattresslike. We live quiet retired lives in the swamp, where we are content to flollop and vollue and regard the wetness in a fairly floopy manner. Some of us are killed, but all of us are called Zem, so we never know which and globbering is thus kept to a minimum."
by DNA February 11, 2004

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guys who only got 21seconds to get papers
by DNA May 14, 2003

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Bastard, silly, Nickc
you cheeky scamp you!
by DNA May 14, 2003

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