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when a girl sucks you off, and snowballs the cum back into your mouth then you snowball it into her ass.
i.e Blaine is sitting at home with his new girlfriend. She says I'm bored Blaine why don't you do something freaky. Blaine replies "i don't do freaky, i do creepy. As Blaine reaches for his misshapen tapered penis his girlfriend tells him she wants something she's never had. "BITCH I'm gonna give you a fuckin blue job. Blaine jerks off in the corner while looking at a gay porn magazine for hours. Finally he gets that sexually convoluted look in his eyes. Baby take it in your mouth. He forces his load into her wide orifice. She spits it into his mouth, so sultry. He turns her around, raises her ass and heaves the splooge laden load into her ass. That was quite a blue job baby!!!
by DJ Papsmear April 10, 2009

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