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This is used mostly by African Americans to announce that they want to rob you. The full expression is "run or give me whatever is in your pockets" then it just became, "run your pockets".

yo i saw that ipod nano man, dont hide that shit from me. RUN YOUR POCKETS SON!!!
by DJ Llen November 15, 2005
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Robotsu is a combination of Karate, watching too much Dragon Ball Z, and Robot moves. Started in the late 90's by video game and Dragon Ball Z fanatics. It has established itself as one of the most popular fighting styles for the dumb, pre-pubertal male.
*Lizzy* So what did you do last night?
*Brayan* I stayed up practicing some Robotsu moves.
*Lizzy* So, how did it go?
*Brayan* Well, let me show you (puts his hands together and yells) HADUUUKKEEE!!!
*Lizzy* (calls him an ass monkey and walks off)
by DJ Llen November 14, 2005
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