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The government (both homosexual parties).

You are being assimilated and they make you do it to yourselves and you're not smart enough to see it because they've made you to *think* their way.God,you people are dumb.I hate you.

*THEY* can make you do anything because you're all so dumb.They could even make you exterminate all the jews!

And you'd do it to because they'd find a way of saying that you are *insensitive* if you don't.And then you would be made to conform through all of the peer pressure!

Too bad you all suck Satan's penis! (Bill Hicks)

fuckin sellouts
You're all so blind.

fuckin cocksucking borg faggots

You won't even get this.You'll do the exact opposite because *Big Brother* has fucked you're mind and rendered you retarded and you're idea of what's *intelligent* is what they have engrained in you through your schooling.You fucking blind assholes are such institutionalized fucking faggots!
by DEATH TO "PC" BULLSHIT ! ! ! ! March 14, 2005

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