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A completely misunderstood and secluded group of students at a boarding school. There are less day students than boarders at most schools, so it's common knowledge that it's harder to get into good boarding schools as a day student.

in comparison with their sworn enemies, the boarders, day students are more civilized. It is a proven fact that they have higher grade point averages as well. Plus, they get to go home every day and do whatever they want without curfews and without having to pay a cab to take them everywhere. Most have their licenses, so they can come and go as they please. This makes the boarders insane with jealousy, causing them to hate on the day students.

It is because of this jealousy that the day students are extremely secluded from the rest of the student body and are often referred to as sketchy when in fact most are not sketchy at all.
First Day of School at DA:
Boarder: "Hey, I'm from Greenwich. Where are you from?"
Day Student: "I'm from Greenfield..."
Boarder:"Hahaha. Get the hell away from me, loser."
by DA 007 June 18, 2005
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