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Elisabeth McGillivray

1. Girls name, Hebrew origin that means 'my god is an oath' or 'my god is abundance.' also a very pretty name.

2. The best girlfriend anybody could ever ask for!!

3. The nicest, most caring, loyal, and sweetest girl ever.

4. Very colour tends to be green

5. Most beautiful girl in the room, absolutely gorgeous, and incredibly good looking.

6. Long blond hair, mesmerizing eyes, stands out in a room

7. Looks like sex in anything she wears

You won't find a better person then Elisabeth MacGillivray to be your best friend. They are always there for you, are kind, caring, loving, gorgeous, loyal, understanding, amazing. Well rounded and very intelligent. They stay up late doing homework and study, and tend to over study for tests and ace everything. Not only are they smart but they will threaten anyone that messes with their friends, showing how much the care and what lengths they will go to for their friends.

They are usually best friends with a Cutie-tank therefore if you mess with an Elisabeth MacGillivray you are in deep trouble, because cutie-tanks come with some background in martial arts and carry bricks in their purse to beat anyone who messes with Elisabeth MacGillivray.

You will never find anyone better than an Elisabeth MacGillivray.
Girl 1: I just met the most amazing, nice, kind, sweet person! And she was very pretty!
Girl 2: Her names Elisabeth MacGillivray.
Girl 3: Well, that makes sense. I hear you won’t find a better person then an Elisabeth MacGillivray.
by Cutie-Tank November 27, 2011

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