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It refers to a person that frequents a particular chat room. They can be well received or just right down hated. More than likely they also play the role of a Chat Hero. Someone that is a computer nerd and couldn’t get laid in a whore house with a fist full of yen. It’s kinda like Norm on Cheers, everyone knows Norm but he always went home alone fist fucking himself into a coma until the next night.
1. -0_Cuda_0- hey mrsxy1960 quit being such a chat fuck,,leave some of the fat chixs for the chat heros.
MrSxy1960 cuda idon’t want any trublewif you,plus I been jerkin off of webcam all night for them

2. -0_Cuda_0- hey teacher,,lmaooo looks like you got busted out being a chat fuck
Teacherguy LOL Cuda, I never knew these fatfucks would follow me in three different chat platforms trying to bust me out
by Cuda June 25, 2007

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