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1) a whole latta gang shit

2) to generaly be a public nuisance by recording ones self swiftly getting away from the scene from which you stole something.

*The origanal saying was coined by Instagram star, boonk.ig.
*Doing this is a violation of the law so be cautious. Unless, you're really good at it
*Walks In a pizza shop calmly*

*Quickly jumps behind the counter to grab a box of pizza, without paying, but also getting away whilst recording on ones phone*

After one has left the pizza shop, one would yell repeatedly, “BOONK GANG WHOLE LATTA GANG SHIT”
by Cuck Me Hard October 02, 2017

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The act of beating a niggas ass so hard the compress into a pile of clothes.

It is usually said after an acquaintance says something idiotic. Or someone wants to fight you. It is used aggressively and as fighting words
Nigga 1: Bruh your mama sucked my dick last night .

Nigga 2: Bruh put ya paws up imma fold yo ass.

ALT: Better scramble like an egg or imma fold you like an omlete.
by Cuck Me Hard April 16, 2017

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