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A school in Raleigh, N.C., that most people like to talk shit about because the kids that go there have more money, more power, are smarter, better looking, and are better athletes than they are. Cardinal Gibbons people like to talk shit about us because they have to were uniforms and go to God class everyday. they also hate us because we can buy more, and better drugs than they can, because we have more money and power, are better at spaorts than them, and all-around are better than them. not all kids at Ravenscroft are gay and snobby. some are really fags, and some are snabby, but most know thay are better tha other people, and accept, then let that fact go, as not to rub it in too bad.
Croft kid 1: hey whats up, did you see the gibbons game?

Croft kid 2: yeah we killed em', just like everyother year.

Croft kid 1: Hey dude were having a sweet party this weekend tons of green and all the brew you can drink, its gonna be a rager.. tons of hott girls, you gonna be there?

Croft kid 2: hel;l yeah is it gonna be as good as the party we have every weekend with all of our rich parents money??

Croft kid 2: hellz yeah

Croft kid 2: then yeah im in, the ravenscroft kid are so much better than everyone else in everyway!
by Croft.is.better.than.you September 07, 2009

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